About Me (Kris Wernstedt)

As both my longer CV and shorter mini-CV imply, I work on environmental policy, planning, and management, normally operating as a Professor in the United States, at the School of Public and International Affairs at the Washington, DC area campus of Virginia Tech.  My work spans numerous topical areas in environmental decision-making, including among others

  • climate change and variability
  • international development
  • land contamination
  • natural hazards
  • urban infrastructure
  • water management
  • (and since March 2020, various aspects of COVID-19, course)

While seemingly disparate, these different themes till common ground under the theme of “risk.”  By this I mean that almost all my work intersects one or more risk constructs, including actuarial approaches (environmental insurance) and cultural theories of risk (grid-group analysis), with probabilistic, economic, and psychometric treatments in between.  Risk serves as my unifying thread, allowing me to learn more about how humans make decision in our world rife with uncertainty.   These day, I concentrate mostly on behavioral dimensions of decision-making, in the “biases and heuristics” domain of decision-making under uncertainty for this in the know in this field.

Please explore my papers on these topics, and get in touch to communicate shared interests and questions.