Student Advising

Titles of Student Dissertations and Master’s Capstone (whose committees I’ve chaired)

Adapting to Sea Level Rise in the US and Germany

Adoption of Green Stormwater Infrastructure

Assessing the Washington DC Food Environment

Calvert County Growth Management

Carsharing Success Factors

Collaborative Public Planning in the U.S. Department of Interior

Equity of Park Provision:  A GIS Analysis

Food Desert Mapping in Baltimore

Geospatial Analysis of Baltimore Food Access

Green Infrastructure Planning

Local Sustainability Initiatives

Neighborhood Conservation Planning

Operation Abandoned Housing

Prioritizing Open Space Conservation with GIS

Quenching Community Thirst

Regional Coast Climate Change Adaptation

Residential Property Values and Proximity to Parks

Safe Routes to (High) Schools

Skyscrapers and Sustainable Urban Building

State Forestry Program for Chesapeake Bay Health

Streetcar Stations and Property Values

Suburban Light Rail Transit

Sustainability in Shrinking Cities

Tourism Carrying Capacity

Urban Ecosystem Forest Classification

Vegetation Mapping for Wildlife Habitat Management

Washington, DC Park Equity